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Help Decompiler 2.1
Dissects HLP help files of Windows 3.0, 3.1, 3.11, and '95 and many MVB multi media viewer titles into all files required for a rebuild using the appropriate help compiler HC30, HC31, HCP, HCW, HCRTF, WMVC, MMVC or MVC.
The package contains the HelpDeco, a desribtion of file formats (HLP, ANN, SHG, MRB), ZapRes (removes resolution Information from BMP, SHG and MRB) and SplitMrb (splits MRB into the included files).
Freeware by Manfred Winterhoff DuffOS - HELPDECO Command Program Launcher
Ian Duff wrote:
Hello Josef,
I have been working with windows Help files recently, and I got tired of switching back and forth between DOS/Windows. So I wrote a small utility called DuffOS that enables the user to run HELPDECO from a windows environment. I have corresponded with Manfred Winterhoff who has suggested I submit it to the community.
As your site is dedicated to Windows Help, you seem a logical choice. Anyway, it provides nearly all of the functionality of HELPDECO. In fact, all it is is a simple program launcher (slingshot). To run it, simply deposit the contents of the zip file into the same directory as HELPDECO, then run. I hope you (and maybe your readers) can find some use for it.
Freeware by Ian Duff
HDS - HelpDeco Shell
HDS is now a complete shell with full redirection and print capabilities to use HELPDECO without the need to run it from MS-DOS or Windows 95/98 command line.
HDS is not a stand-alone utility and you must have HELPDECO installed on your computer to use it.
Freeware by Franco Papassissa